Specialty Hose & Fabrication, Inc.
Hydraulic Hose Assemblies

Offered for industrial and commercial applications, our hydraulic hose products are built and tested according to the highest standards.  Our trained staff will accurately diagnose your hydraulic needs and design the right hose assembly to get your equipment running at high efficiency.

General Hose Assemblies


Whether it's water, air, discharge, corrosive materials or just about any kind of liquid, we can make the right hose with the right fittings for your fluid transfer needs.  Available in large or small applications.

Metal Hose Assemblies


We specialize in 321-, 316-, and 304-grade stainless steel materials to fabricate superior quality hoses custom fit for your heavy industrial needs.  Our welders operate with thorough knowledge of metallurgical standards to create an exceptional product that can withstand the harsh environments of large industrial applications.

Fittings and Adapters
Does your equipment have an unusual fitting with peculiar specifications?  We stock a wide variety of fittings and adapters with your specialized interests in mind, from the 8-inch drainage fittings to the 1/8-inch polyon hydraulic adapters.  In the rare case that we don't have what you need, we will get it for you quickly.


Gaskets and Gasket Materials

We supply custom or prefabricated gaskets according to customer specifications.  Choose from a selection of materials formulated to handle various pressures, temperatures and fluids.  


Our showroom features a wide selection of certified dry and liquid pressure gauges, clamps, nozzles, O-rings, quick-connect couplings, hose reels, grease injectors, lubricants and more.


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